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                              Jiafeng Chem is Founded in 2003, which is always specialized in research and development......
                              There are three struggle processes in Jiafeng’s development: In the early days, the company’s main task is to construct necessary production capacity and scale; perfect management organization;establish evaluation management system and adopt ISO9001...
                              • News
                              Address:Changcheng Zone, Hongguozi, Huinong Dist., Shizuishan, Ningxia, China.
                              Tel:0086-951-5155695, 0086-951-5155911
                              Branch in USA
                              Jiafeng Chemicals USA Co., Ltd.
                              17700 Castleton Street, Suite 368
                              City of Industry, CA 91748.
                              Tel: 001-(626)581-0501
                              Fax: 001-(626)581-0506
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